Thursday, 19 June 2014


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Conference was pretty darn amazing. I love the atmosphere of conference because everyone is so passionate and conversations are so deep and insightful. It's this little bubble of buzz and excitement, where friendships form instantaneously and people learn to stop holding back. Honestly, another reason why I love conferences is that it's like a mini-escape from my daily routine of doing nothing, nothing and nothing. It astounds how much they fit into a measly long weekend and I wonder (rather desperately) how I can implement that into my life so I can become more productive and my time doesn't always end up going to waste. I guess, until I figure that out I'll just have to settle for blogging about StateCon in avoidance of actual study.

In spirit of reliving conference, here were my key highlights:

  • All the late night conversations - there is something about staying up talking to people, getting to know them and actually asking questions you wouldn't normally ask because being nocturnal does things to you. It's during the wee hours of the night/morning, that conversations come alive and we can reveal our deepest thoughts. I miss that actually - having my guy friends up at 4am that I can actually bug and ask silly, hypothetical questions. 
  • I got to cross 'having a late night conversation by a bonfire' off my bucket list. There's something about bonfires that gives off that heartwarming vibe, that you only really experience during camps. 
  • All the stargazing I did waiting for the meteor that never showed (grrr!) I absolutely love stargazing, it just makes me feel at peace with myself. Nothing feels more liberating than lying on the trampoline and just staring up at the sky and breathing in the fresh night air. It's a pity that I only really stargaze on the walks home and even then, it's a really brief moment. There's so much romance in stargazing and by romance, I don't even mean guy-girl romance... just the romance of being so rapt and mesmerized. 
  • Trampolining - that truly brought back so many childhood memories. I remember running around in my street, hanging out with my neighbours, playing on the trampoline. Ahh, good times. Funny how we were jumping like crazy (that mini heart attack!) and singing our hearts out. Also, all the DnM's I had on the trampoline were pretty nice too because I could just lie there and stargaze, or sit directly facing the others... Heart to heart with the girls was pretty fun... As well as randomly jumping up for some trampolining. 
  • All the chanting and roll calls - there's something so fun about chanting like crazy and losing my voice. I know it's weird, but there really just aren't that many opportunities to do so in my daily life. And it really brings everyone together, as cult-like as it is sometimes. It's just you can feel the passion in the chants and the pride and solidarity that connects everyone. 
  • Drinking games and team bonding - honestly I don't like to drink to get shit-wasted, but I do enjoy the buzz that is generated from drinking where everyone is a bit more open and rowdy (as long as it's not too out of control). It's just a little bit of fun, something that we don't always get to do too often since we have actual work to do, and when we do have team bonding we have to drivers who can't drink. It would've been nice to just bond with the team during 5am club, but since we were there with the rest of the region and LC it's an opportunity for everyone to get to know other people as well. We have the rest of the year to know each other so I don't mind if no deep or personal stories are exchanged. 
  • The sunny weather and being surrounded by greenery - makes me feel like I'm at a getaway, even for the short moments. 
  • Dancing like crazy - I don't do it often because honestly, most places that are 'dance gatherings' are generally filled with strangers and seedy people. It's hard to find places to dance with people you know and don't mind going a little crazy with. And I dance like a retarded penguin. So yes. Awkward. 

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