Thursday, 19 June 2014


This week I had three mid-semester assignments due... one yesterday and two today. Somehow managed to pull through, despite it being one of the toughest weeks of my whole uni career. I'm glad. So now, I'm sitting on the couch, listening to some Epik High music, sipping on some fruit tea and just unwinding. It feels nice. To be honest though, I've always had time management issues so whenever I have to rush to complete an assignment last minute - all hell breaks loose. Mentally, I get stressed, I doubt myself, I go without sleep, I feel the urge to cry. I just want to ignore my problems and escape. But I guess beyond all that, I'm thankful that my only 'real' problems are uni assessments.

On a slightly related note, I've fallen in love with Tablo's daughter, Haru, on Return of Superman. She really is such a beautiful child. Watching all these variety shows with kids in it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside because they're so pure and bright. It sounds silly, but it really does make me want kids - one day. I definitely can see why people want kids, they bring out the child in you and make you feel alive and young again, instead of being jaded by the real world. I guess until I have my own kids (in the very, very, very far future) I will just have to get my dosage of childlike innocence via my shows.

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