Saturday, 22 June 2013


This is the latest book I've really had the time to read, and I got through it pretty quick because I was sitting in the hospital all day, thus immensely bored between my naps. However, I was pretty disappointed with this book to be honest. It started out quite fast paced and interesting, however the ending was very anti-climatic and pretty predictable.

Jodi Picoult stories tend to deal with quite heavy and controversial themes, but sometimes that can be a double edged sword. It draws the readers in, and you become intrigued in how she will deal with the selected themes but everyone has an expectation that if you want to build your story around a sensitive issue, it better be damned worth it. Here, not so much. Rape is always going to be a sensitive topic, but I think Picoult was very on-the-fence with her approach here, without being eye-opening or enlightening. Perhaps because I've gone on a personal journey with the topic of rape from not really being able to understand the ramifications of rape to becoming empathetic (don't worry, not through personal experience). So, personally I just felt that her exploration of the topic felt superficial.

I feel like the novel had a lot of potential in that there was a meeting of the novel and the graphic comic form. However, the plot itself was a letdown.

On a side note, I'm not American so I'm not really familiar with how crazy American parties are... but really? 14 year old's playing sex games like Daisy and Rainbow?! I'm not delusional nor am I a prude nor do I believe all teenagers are innocent about sex but seriously 14 is still too young to me; especially to be treating sex as a game.

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