Wednesday, 7 August 2013


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It’s amazing to think back of my childhood, and the memories just come flooding in. It’s strange the things that used to mean so much to me. I remember how we used to go to yum cha every weekend as a family and eat all this food and get the balloons they always gave us and it would literally be the highlight of my day - it was like the biggest perk, those helium balloons. I can’t help but smile at the memories. We used to tie the balloons to our wrists and protect it when we walked around Cab to grocery shop, so sometimes we should shift it to one another to get out of having to be super careful when walking, because it’d hit other people or we were scared of it flying away (it always sucked when they flew away). Then once we got into the car, we’d have to hold it between our legs so it wouldn’t obscure the view of Dad driving. And once we got home we’d get so excited to release it and have it hit the ceiling… and then we’d leave it on top of the white cupboard we used to have; and once it got deflated, we’d throw it out. And repeat for the next week. I don’t know why we loved balloons so much but we just did. It’s just like how we treasured those gumball machines so much (and back then, the gold coin ones were super expensive to me) and also those little car and machines that used to be in front of the stores in Cab. 
I miss my childhood sometimes. 

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