Monday, 22 July 2013


Way overexposed, but I love that shade of green mixed and beige. 

As you can probably see, the flowers weren't that great. They were kind of withering. Oh welps. 

Personally, I adore capturing little moments like this. But I usually feel too shy to be snapping photos of random people.

I tried really hard to try and capture how the landscape peeked through the window like an artwork ... but there was always someone there. Sigh. 

Still not quite right :(

It's been forever since I went on the Canberra road trip. It was an amazing time, though there was the foreignness of not really knowing everyone really well. I know I'm not the greatest, nor most passionate photography but I do enjoy taking photos and I love looking back at them. It's honestly a shame to say I don't always take photos consistently and that makes me sad sometimes yet I'm also glad that I can just enjoy and revel in that moment without feeling obliged to capture the memories. I love having that private, secretive moment to commit to my memory without feeling pressured to take a photo. Another part of me feels slightly annoyed at myself and my reluctance to whip out my DSLR in awkward/public situations. I really need to get over that.

For some reason, the photos I take and the type of photos I'm drawn to are rather different. Maybe that is a sign that I should be more adventurous with my photography and take more photos that I can be drawn to. I've come to realise I really like to photograph different lines and symmetry in my photos.

PS: Any comment/criticism welcome. I honestly would love to improve my photography.

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