Wednesday, 17 April 2013


So much has happened since I last blogged, hence I haven't really had the time or drive to blog. I'm back at uni again, and despite procrastinating like crazy, I'm drained. It's always the transportation that really tires me out though, as it takes me (optimistically) 2 hours each way - aka, 4 hours there and back, and that's if there are no waits... but there's always waiting involved. Which means two things: 1) I probably spend more time on public transport than I have quality time spending with my own family and 2) I spend a lot of time on  the train eating or sleeping, listening to music, playing games or staring into space and daydreaming - none of which are very productive either. That's one of the reasons why I've seriously been considering moving out, and even my mum (who I thought would be the main person opposing me moving out) suggested it. I mean, wow. The main problem with that would be the whole employment and stability thing. I don't know. I'm not sure I can take the leap yet.

Also, my brother recently graduated and I'm so happy for him. It's always a massive stepping stone... yet no one really knew what to do. Sigh, facepalm. I was left to run around on the day to find a graduation bear and a bouquet of flowers and had to run to his university in order to make it on time for his graduation ceremony. There, I had to be the photographer and amateur videographer. By the end of the day, on the train trip back home, I had a mini heart attack when I thought I deleted the video of my brother getting his graduation certificate. THANK HEAVENS I DIDN'T.

Another major event so far this year, both personally and socially, is that I've joined AIESEC. It's a global youth run organisation with the goal of developing leaders through facilitating exchange programs. And the people I've met and have been working with thus far, have been fabulous. Everyone has been really friendly, welcoming and open to talking and sharing. It's great, and I don't think I've ever really made friends that fast. I'm really stoked. It's also evoked that everpresent craving in me to go travel, on AIESEC exchange. I so want to do it, and I want to do it soon. But it's probably better to wait till summer, because I can save a bit more money and I'll enjoy the experience more since I waited so long for it; and I can stay behind a lot longer if I wanted to and travel around Asia. GAHHHH, MY FEELS. And I will have time to hunt Vic down.

I'm also hoping to find a balance in life. I mean, I don't know. Life is inevitably hard. And I'm still struggling with it. But there's so much I want to do and I need to be more proactive with life, if not, am I really living? This year, I want to achieve a lot of things. I want it be a year that is worthwhile and a year that will shape who I am. Last year was a calm year, and it was still such a happy time. This year, I want to balance everything I desire - I want to read, watch shows (ha! how mundane), spend time with my family, work, study, volunteer, travel, exercise, explore and document everything. I mean, it doesn't sound like much, but boy is it hard to fit into a schedule.

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