Sunday, 27 January 2013


Swedish House Mafia - Don't You Worry Child (Acoustic Version)
It's strange to say that I actually heard the acoustic version before the normal version because apparently it's everywhere on the radio. Except, I don't listen to the radio so it kind of makes sense? 

G-Dragon - That XX (Uncensored Version)
I got crazy-addicted to this song recently, because it's so chill. I love how he changes from crazy to simple so quickly. I would honestly love to see more tracks like this from him, not only from his solo work but also from Big Bang. 

Urban Zakapa - I Hate You 
Probably one of my favourite K-indie groups. I love this song as well as the MV, it's just so simple and emotive. 

Owl City - Fireflies
I just love this song and the imagery it paints. It makes me literally want to sleep in an open field of grass under the night sky, just stargaze. 

Block B - Romantically
Probably the first song from Block B that I've truly appreciated. I'm not really big on rookies, because it takes me a while to become invested in K-pop groups, since there are just so many. That said, I adore this song. 

Coldplay - Yellow
An oldie but still a goodie

Epik High ft Lee Hi - It's Cold
I love the haunted feeling of this song and I think this is the track from their recent release that is most reminiscent of their older tracks. Honestly, I have all the trust that Epik High won't become a sell-out so I'm excited for their comeback.. whenever that will be. 

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